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some of my stuff <3


i must say

i'm not impressed by Ai Deshita
the pv
the music
almost everything

i must say
playing safe is risky

where has the era of epic eccentric music of Kanjani8 gone to?
they promoted the wrong song or..?

i'm totally not comparing Kanjani8 to any other band
they're awesome
i just hope they would prove to me that they worth more than this

i seriously HEAR no difference between some of their singles
Ai Deshita sounds exactly the same like Tsubusa ni Koi and 365nichi no Kazoku

i guess i should wait a little longer
as this is not really the Kanjan8 i used to love



high schoolers trying to flirt with me is just plain awkward


people asking when will i graduate from university is equally awkward

i shouldn't have cut my fringe


my dog

sat in my room and was staring at me for some few good minutes just now
like he's trying to ask me
"what the heck are you doing with you life?"
oh boy.. *facepalm*

is it too obvious that i'm too busy doing nothing?

my theme of the year is probably "idling"


managed to listen to Japanese songs again
Shina Ringo's Sid to Hakuchuumu was my first choice to listen 
then Galileo Galilei's Natsu Sora
i still love Galileo Galilei Indeed
the glorious Ozaki Yuki and his genius music mind
great songs.. great songs..

btw oppa appeared in my dream last night
him and his hilarious attempts in preventing me to kill my dentist XD




when i have nothing to do.. part 2

Brother bought this in Seoul

ahahaha i'm so shamelessly drinking this
have lots of bags of this thing


when i have nothing to do

Brother bought this from Tokyo
Green tea flavor KitKat lol

i wonder if at this point people regret adding me to their lj friend list ahaha
i literally have nothing to do..
eat, sleep, flail over oppa, go to the toilet.... ahahahahaha


i keep sleeping

i sleep most of the time now
i woke up this morning, went to church, had lunch
then home and slept again
heee.. just found out that i'm sick 
i thought the sleepiness was because of my dieting ahahaa
very soon will sleep again~
i'm online too much too now
i need a life
but i'm too lazy to have one

i wish i had spent more time thinking what i wanted to be in the future
rather than just studying like crazy
i keep waiting and waiting
but not sure what i'm waiting for, or who

maybe i should go back to my sleep


too many things to take care
i'm tired
sometimes i wish life ends after turning 20 XD

i'm tired